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        At 17.45 on 14th May 1998 10 tonnes of Nitric Acid spilled from a Ruptured Tank at SARP UK
        factory in Killamarsh, North East Derbyshire. A 300ft plume of gaseous oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
        formed an orange cloud,  and began to head towards Eckington and the city of Sheffield.

        The Fire Brigade and Police were informed and attended the scene to ask 20,000 people to remain
        inside closing all doors and windows.  Local Hospitals were alerted.

        The cloud of gas was toxic.   Contact with skin and eyes would cause burns and irritation, and
        highly dangerous if inhaled.

        The Gas would be more than likely to cause an adverse health effect on animals.

        At 11am on 30th May 1998 Nitric Acid again spilled from a Tank causing a second cloud of gas
        to escape however this time at a third of the toxicity of the first.   The first being 70% and the
        second being at 28%.


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