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Welcome to Residents Against SARP Pollution   RASP


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RASP was formed from the public meetings, held after two Toxic Gas Leaks at SARP UK's Killamarsh Recycling Plant.

Killamarsh is a small village on the border of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire, England.

The Chemical plant is located to the right of the picture (below) which is Rother Valley Country Park, and more unbelievably less than 100 yds from School playing fields.


Beautiful Isn't it?

Click on the below to see why a Milkman, a Teacher, and many others banded together to form



Who are SARP UK?

The Toxic Gas Leaks

The Facts

What RASP plan to do

Who the RASP Officers are

News Hot off the Press

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Dave Milsom



Thank you to the people who have provided me with photographs, and especially to my friend who scanned them for me.



Our will burn until we Close SARP Down