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The Facts
In 1986, aerosol canisters exploded, resulting in a major fire and a number of other explosions. In total 16 people were taken to hospital.
In February 1988 the company was investigated after fumes overcame a bulldozer driver when he punctured a plastic drum on a waste tip site. Leigh Environmental had dumped the drum despite a ban on the disposal of chemical waste on the site. A week earlier Blackleigh, a subsidiary of Leigh Environmental, was fined £1,500 for failing to ensure safety at work.

In 1989 school dinner ladies had to move hundreds of pupils into the school when they saw "a noxious cloud".


In 1991 the firm refused to allow Yorkshire Water to publish details of sewerage tests taken on its site, claiming commercial confidentiality and that "to release incomplete information may mislead and provoke unnecessary concerns."

In 1994, the company refused to reveal details of its air pollution and was served an enforcement notice by the Inspectorate of Pollution.

In the latest gas leaks pets have died and Hawthorn trees in Rother Valley Country Park have the appearance of being blasted and burnt,  people caught in the gas have complained of Nausea and sore throats. The Security Personnel at the Companys' gates initially refused access to Firefighters attending the emergency call to one gas leak.

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