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 Why I Created this Web Site
The picture on RASP's homepage is the view I see from my kitchen window.  I am unable to support RASP in any other way, but this was one thing that I could do for them build them a web site.  So here it is.

I have smelled the awful stench from SARP UK and it's not pleasant, all of what is written on these pages is fact, not fiction  FACT.

All the RASP Officers are ordinary people, whose lives are affected by the Chemical Plant in one way or another.

My two children both have asthma, the incidence of asthma in these areas is far above the national average.

Today I read that SARP have been warned to clean up the effluent they are discharging into the local sewers by Yorkshire Water Authority.  They now keep it on site in two storage tanks, the stench being nauseating.

Their Managing Director Philippe Girard comments"We are spending £2 Million pounds improving the Killamarsh Site.  "We have removed 1000 drums of chemicals   and plan to halve the current stock of 10,000 drums within six months"  (TEN THOUSAND DRUMS)  Of What?????????

It's hardly believable is it that this Chemical Plant backs onto School Playing fields and is on the door step of a Wild Bird Sanctuary  and Conservation area?

I've given you the facts as I know them.  If anyone disagrees with the content of this Web Site then please e mail me here I will be pleased to discuss it with them

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